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Prehistory Section

The collection comprises over 70,000 inventory units, that is, archaeological artefacts made of ceramic, flint, stone, bone, metal, and glass. It covers the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Aeneolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, and the artefacts come from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The refurbishment of the wing of the pavilion that will house the permanent exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistory is slated for 2016.

Andrijana Pravidur, DSc
Archaeologist specializing in Iron Age Bosnia and Herzegovina, Research associate
Ana Marić
Deputy Director
Archaeologist numismatist, Senior Curator
arheologija prahistorija kaciga

Ilyrian bronze helmet

Bronze helmets, as high-value prestige items, belonged to individuals whose social standing was reflected in their weapons and gear as symbols of their status and power as warriors.

arheologija prahistorija posuda

Kostolac culture ceramic vessel


The catchment basin of the upper and lower course of the Bosna River is the most south-westerly, peripheral distribution area of the Kostolac culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most important Kostolac site is Pivnica near Odžak.

arheologija prahistorija posuda lonac

Vučedol culture ceramic pot

This ceramic pot from the Hrustovača cave near Sanski Most is a product of the most distinctive Late Aeneolithic cultural phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Vučedol culture, which, in its late phase, spread into central Bosnia along the valleys of the Una and Sana rivers.

arheologija prahistorija amfora

Ceramic pot – three-handled amphora

This belly-shaped pot – an amphora with a tall cylindrical neck and a prominent shoulder with two or three flat handles – is categorised as fine pottery.

Odjeljenje za arheologiju, prethistorija, prahistorija, nakit, mlađe željezno doba, srednje željezno doba, sljepoočni kolutovi, Sanski Most

Temple pendants of the Sanski Most type

Temple pendants of the Sanski Most type are worn on the temples, hanging from a hair band worn on the forehead.