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Intangible Heritage Section

Intangible Heritage Section consists of the following systematic collections: 

  • Folk medicine and beliefs
  • Folk customs
  • Musical instruments
  • Folklore archive
  • Archive of field notes and recordings
  • Photo collection

Inventory books contain 16,480 inventory units; in addition, there are 7,561 dance notations, 2,344 drawings, and 10,466 photographs.

Nirha Efendić, DSc
Ethnologist specialising in traditional oral poetry
Research associate
Ernis Šljivo
Ethnologist specialising in rural social and legal relations
Ethnology, Intangible heitage,Manuscript collection

Wedding poem

The manuscript collection of Smajil O. Bradarić, Narodne umotvorine (iz Dervente i okolice većinom) – Folk wisdom (from Derventa and its surroundings for most part), in five note-books in which there stands out a wedding song  which was bought from its owner in 1957.

Traditional children's games

The Folklore Archive of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina contains over 3,300 entries on group games, most of them children's games.

etnologija duhovna kultura slavska pjesma

Slava song "I Shall Sing unto My Goblet"

The Slava (celebration of a patron saint) is a custom observed in several Balkan ethnic and religious groups, but it is most widespread among Orthodox Serbs and it survives in this part of the world to this day.

etnologija duhovna kultura uspavanka

Lullaby "Sleep, Child, Sleep, if Your Lids Are Heavy"

Lullabies are songs sung to children to lull them to sleep while rocking the cradle or soothing the baby in some other way, as by rocking it in one’s arms or on one’s legs. They often contain motifs which, it is believed, have the power to ward off spells or protect the child from the evil eye.

etnologija duhovna kultura balada

Ballad "Atlagići seju udavaše" (A variant of "the frozen bride" ballad)

The plight of "the ill-fated bride" is one of the most common motifs in Bosniac oral ballads. Variants featuring "the frozen bride" are found in the very first collections of oral poetry of Bosnia and Herzegovina.