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Cave Fauna

This permanent exhibition in the Natural Sciences Pavilion provides insight into the fauna of the cave, a habitat type with specific ecological conditions, including increased humidity, darkness, and minimal seasonal temperature variations. Cave-dwelling animals  have mechanisms of adapting to such living conditions: the absence or complete atrophy of sight, an absence of pigment, and an extremely well-developed sense of touch.

As there are a large number of caves in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the cave fauna is highly diverse. One of the most famous and fauna-rich caves in the country is Vjetrenica in Popovo Polje. Over 100 species have been recorded there, including 35 species of troglobionts (cave-dwelling creatures) that were first discovered in Vjetrenica. The exhibition depicts the ambience of a cave, and on display are representative specimens of some notable species, such as the famous olm (Proteus anguinus).