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The Minerals exhibition comprises two parts. 

The first collection, Minerals of Bosnia and Herzegovina, contains around 700 specimens of various minerals divided into groups based on their chemical composition and structure (elements, sulphides, oxides, hydroxides, carbonates, etc.). The distribution of certain types of minerals is shown by using a greater number of specimens of the same type from different deposits. The specimens come from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina: pyrite from Bakovići, copper and mercury ore from Sinjakovo and Mračaj, barite from Maglaj, hyalophane from Busovača, wolframite in quartz from Čemernica, calcite from Duboštica – to name just a few of the hundreds of specimens attesting to the abundance of minerals and ores in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The general collection of minerals contains some 1,000 specimens from all over the world. Like the minerals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, these specimens are allocated to groups based on their chemical composition and structure (elements, sulphides, etc.). Especially interesting are the numerous specimens of minerals with perfectly developed crystal habits in beautiful colours, originating from many famous deposits around the world. The collection also comprises precious and semi-precious stones and meteorites.