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World Book and Copyright Day


On the occasion of marking the World Book and Copyright Day 2020, the staff of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina contributed to the program prepared by the colleagues from the Agency for Librarians, Archivists and Museum-workers.

Several empolyees of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to share with the public the most interesting and useful titles that they have read recently. Among the recommended works were titles such as the collection of sevdalinka The smell of quince and the monograph Between Two Empires, the proud publisher of which is the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From its foundation in 1888 to the present, in spite of all the difficult times that it has gone through and through which the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is still going through, it has been striving to maintain continuity in publishing. Starting with the publication of the oldest scientific journal in BiH, the Herald of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through various catalogs to monographs.

The National Museum Library is a specialised scientific library with around 300,000 volumes (books, magazines, newspapers). Work on its founding commenced with the establishment of the Museum Society in Sarajevo in 1884, when it was conceived as the first scientific library in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, we exchange publications with over 400 institutions worldwide and with 40 institutions in BiH.