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Botany Section

Systematic collection of the Botany Section, the Herbarium of Bosnia and Herzegovina was started in 1890 and is based on the Engler system. It is registered in the Index Herbariorum, the global directory of herbaria, designated by the abbreviation SARA. The Bosnia and Herzegovina Collection contains 55,000 folios, the general collection about 60,000, the Otto Blau Collections 2,503, the Erich Brandis Collections 13,013, and the Type Specimen Collection 385 folios.

The collection of Erich Brandis is the oldest large-scale botanical collection in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Botanic Garden – the exhibition of the Botany Section – covers an area measuring 14,270 square metres. It comprises 12 scientific and exhibitory collections.

Ajla Berberović MA
Flowering plants biologist
Ermana Lagumdžija
Flowering plants biologist
Senior curator
Berina Bečić
Senior curator
Anis Hasanbegović
Kemal Pervan
Senior gardener
Edina Djana
Nihad Ajanović
Head gardener
Department for Natural Sciences, Botany, Fungi, the Sickener russula, Russula emetica Fr.

The Sickener russula, Russula emetica Fr

Russula emetica is a poisonous mushroom whose cap is mostly red but can extend from light to pale red or reddish-brown colour, it is sticky with an easily peeled film. Its gills are white and friable and free.

Department for Natural Sciences, Botany, Endangered species, Dogtooth violet, Erythronium dens canis L.

Dogtooth violet, Erythronium dens canis L.

Dogtooth violet is a species of the genus Erythronium from the lily family (Liliaceae) and is one of the most beautiful spring sprout in our sessile oak and common hornbeamforests, as well as in montane and subalpine beech forests, going as far as alpine pastures in the region of mountai

Odjeljenje za prirodne nauke, botanika, herbarij, gospina papučica, endemi

Lady’s slipper orchid – Cypripedium calceolus L.

This species, considered by many to be the most beautiful European orchid (Orchidaceae), is one of the rarest plant species in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Odjeljenje za prirodne nauke, botanika, herbarij, endemi, vlašićka ruža

Rosa brandisii Keller

This species of rose (Rosaceae) was discovered on Mt Vlašić in 1901, and was named after Erich Brandis, who originally identified and preserved it and left it to the National Museum in his will.

Odjeljenje za prirodne nauke, botanika, endemi, maleni jaglac, primula minima

Primula minima L.

This species of primrose (Primulaceae) is known in Bosnia and Herzegovina only from the horticultural material of the National Museum that was collected in the early 20th century from Mt Čvrsnica. It was originally identified and preserved by Pavle Fukarek, who left it to the museum in his will.