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Summer cep — Boletus reticulatus (Schff.) Boud.

  • natural sciences, botany mushrooms, summer cep


A member of the boletes family (Boletaceae), this is one of the earliest ceps (edible mushrooms) of the season. It appears as early as May and June, but can appear in autumn as well. It is commonly found in oak-hornbeam and beech forests.

The cap is massive, bulging, and cracked around the edges, which distinguishes the summer cep from other ceps. The colour of the cap is light brown to yellowish or whitish. This is the lightest coloured cep found in this region. The veiled stipe is the same colour as the cap. The hymenium is white, then dark yellow. The flesh is firm and tough, with a pleasant smell and taste.

This is one of the most delicious, highest quality ceps. Unfortunately, these mushrooms, especially large ones, are often eaten by worms.

The summer cep can be seen in the Macrofungi exhibition in the Natural Sciences Pavilion.
  • natural sciences, botany mushrooms, summer cep