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Zoology Section

Entomology comprises two collections: Insects of the Balkan Peninsula, started by Viktor Apfelbeck, containing approximately 500,000 specimens, and the general collection, which includes the donation of Boro Mihljević (donor) collection, containingwith around 30,000 specimens of (Lepidoptera and Coleoptera). 

Ornithology comprises four collections: Birds of the Balkan Peninsula is a collection started  by Othmar Reiser, an early curator of the museum. This collection has grown to contain (approximately. 10,000 specimens). The other three collections are Birds of the World (around 700 specimens), Nests (around 50 pieces), and Eggs (around 500 pieces).

Herpetology and ichthyology consist of two collections: Amphibians and Reptiles has ians (approximately 4,000 specimens), and Fish contains about(around 7,000 specimens).

Mammalogy comprises the single collection Mammals, with (around 950 specimens).

Adnan Zimić MA
Vertebrate biologist - herpetologist curator
Head of department
Dražen Kotrošan, DSc
Vertebrate biologist – ornithologist
Museum advisor
Dejan Kulijer
Vertebrate biologist – entomologist
Department of Natural History, zoology, Zoogeographical Exhibition, kakapo

Kakapo - Strigops habroptilus Gray

Kakapo or owl parrot is an endemic species of night parrot from New Zealand. Kakapo means a night parrot in Maori. His body length is about 60 cm and it can weigh up to 4 kg. It can be recognized for his yellow-green freckles and feathery discs around the eyes as with some owls.

Natural sciences, zoology, insect, Stag beetle – Lucanuscervus (Linnaeus)

Stag beetle – Lucanuscervus (Linnaeus)

Stag beetle is one of our largest, the most interesting and the most famous of our coleopteran. It was named after large bumps on the head of the male which resemble deer's stag. It inhabits oak woods where it feeds on the sap that oak trees exude at the places of crevices.

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Dynastes hercules (Linnaeus) and Goliathus goliathus Linnaeus

The male of the South American Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules) is 17 cm long and is the longest beetle on earth. The African Goliath beetle (Goliathus goliathus) bears the title of the heaviest species in the group; it is so large that its larvae weigh 100 grams.

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Great white shark – Carcharodon carcharias Linnaeus

Sharks (Selachii) are fish with a cartilaginous skeleton, gill slits, and triangular teeth arranged in several rows. They emerged about 400 million years ago and are among the oldest extant vertebrates. They are carnivores and good swimmers, and can measure over 5 metres in length.

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Northern bottlenose whale – Hyperoodon ampullatus Forster

Whales (Cetacea) are a group encompassing approximately 80 species of extraordinarily large mammals adapted to life in water. Whales are considered to be extremely long-lived animals – some species live over 200 years.