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Glyptostrobus europaeus Brongniart

  • natural sciences, geology, fossil, tree, coal


During the Neogene Period, the evergreen tree Glyptostrobus europaeus was widespread in what is today Bosnia and Herzegovina. Numerous fossil remains, preserved in marl and argilliferous deposits formed by sedimentation in lakes and wetlands, have been found in Kreka, Kakanj, Breza, Zenica, Visoko, Podastinje, Brestica, Bugojno, Mostar, Zurnići, Jelovac, Budanj, Bijelo Brdo, and Maslovare. It is thought that this tree had an important role in the formation of our deposits of brown coal.

Object type:

This fossil is part of the collection Fossils of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is kept in storage in the Geology Section of the Natural Sciences Department, where it may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • natural sciences, geology, fossil, tree, coal