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Atlas moth — Attacus atlas (Linnaeus)

  • Natural sciences, zoology, insect, moth, Atlas


Its wing span the largest of its kind in the world, its beauty on par with the most beautiful butterflies, the Atlas moth is one of the most interesting moths in the world. It inhabits Southeast Asia, especially the Malay Archipelago. It is a member of the Saturniidae family. 

The imposing size of these moths is illustrated by the fact that Taiwanese women use the shells of their larvae as handbags.

There are several theories on the origins of the name of this species. One is that it was named after the Greek god Atlas, who held the sky on his shoulders; according to another theory, the species owes its name to its spots, which resemble maps in the world atlas.

Another member of Saturniidae family on display is the giant peacock moth (Saturnia pyri Denis & Schiffermüller). It is the largest European moth.

The Atlas moth can be seen in the Exotic Insects exhibit in the Natural Sciences Pavilion.
  • Natural sciences, zoology, insect, moth, Atlas