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Book Promotion: The Collection of Folk Songs from Derventa and its Surroundings

Yesterday, at the Department of Ethnology of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a book promotion was held. The Folk songs from Derventa and its surroundings written by Smajl Bradarić and adapted by the curator dr. Nirha Efendić was presented to the public.

The book consists of oral traditions that Bradarić wrote during the 1930s and 1940s which was preserved in the Folklore Archive of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The significance of this work for the entire Bosnian and Herzegovinian literature was emphasized by the promoters of the Collection – professors: dr. Jasmina Talan, dr. Sanjin Kordić and dr. Sead Šemsović.

During the promotion the young Sarajevo musicians Zanin Berbić and Damir Galijašević ensured that the spirit of reawakened tradition and its adaptation is felt in the gallery.