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Visiting lecture Making Cities: Early Urbanism in Celtic Europe dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz, University of Edinburgh

Within marking the 130th anniversary of National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Department of Archaeology cordially invite you to attend visiting lecture by Dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz from University of Edinburg.

Dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz was written over 150 publications on Iron Age societies in Central and Western Europe, archaeology of identities and the archaeology of Roman conquests. In his doctoral thesis Dr. Manuel Fernández – Götz analyzed the evolution of Iron Age communities in northeast Gaul with a special emphasis on the questions regarding social identity. He has participated in multiple archaeological projects in Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.

The lecture will be held on Tuesday, July 10th, at 11 am in the National Museum of BiH.

  • Oppidum of Monte Bernorio (© IMBEAC)