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Belt end from Vrbljani


Several early mediaeval artefacts were discovered during archaeological exploration of a castle from late antiquity in Vrbljani near Ključ. Especially notable is the gilded bronze belt end decorated on both sides in the so-called insular style.

On the obverse side, decorated with animal, geometric, and plant motifs, there are small plates with the abbreviated liturgical inscription, Scs Scs Dns Sb (Sanctus Sanctus Dominus Sabaoth), while the reverse side, decorated with an animal scene and a coiled vine tendril, features the inscription, TETGIS FABER ME FECIT (Tetgis the smith made me). Based on its stylistic features, this exceptionally rare and precious artefact could be categorised as a product of one of the early Carolingian workshops from the Rhine Valley and dated to the second half of the 8th century.

It is assumed that the belt end belonged to a Frankish missionary who was working in this part of the world.

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This artefact can seen in the Archaeology Pavilion as part of the exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Middle Ages.