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Ceramic pot – three-handled amphora

  • arheologija prahistorija amfora


This belly-shaped pot – an amphora with a tall cylindrical neck and a prominent shoulder with two or three flat handles – is categorised as fine pottery.

The distinctiveness of the ceramic repertoire is reflected in the manner in which the pot is decorated on the belly of the vessel, most often with straight, cross-hatched ribbons, and triangles, and incurved motifs such as concentric circles or garlands. The techniques used are carving, pressing, grooving, and pricking combined with white incrustation. This style of decoration is abstract and strictly symmetrical, whereby certain motifs or entire compositions are repeated regularly; this is a general characteristic of the ornamental system of the central Bosnian cultural group in the Late Bronze Age.

Materials and technique:

The artefact is kept in storage in the Archaeology Department, where it may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • arheologija prahistorija amfora