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"Between two empires" at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana

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On March the 14th 2019, at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana, the exhibition “Between two empires: Bosnia and Herzegovina photographed by František Topič 1885 – 1919“will be opened.

The exhibition will also feature a photomonograph of the same name in the edition of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which contains a part of a valuable museum collection of photos on glass panels, dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Franjo Topič, a museum photographer at the time, recorded a number of details - costumes, customs, festive occasions and moments of everyday life of the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on photographs that today represent the precious cultural heritage of our country.

The monograph Between Two Empires: Bosnia and Herzegovina photographed by František Topič 1885-1919 presents a selection of most interesting, mostly unpublished, Topič’s photographs. It is also the most important publishing project the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina has realized over the recent years.

The book gives more qualitative and comprehensive view of the creative opus of the author whose work makes a first-grade source for researching intimate history and geography of Bosnian-Herzegovinian society at the dawn of First World War – one of the biggest human and civilizational tragedies ever.

The exhibition will be opened at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum until May 26th 2019.