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Forests of Bosnia and Herzegovina

On permanent display in the Natural Sciences building, this exhibition is conceptualised on the principles of phytocoenology – the study of plant communities. It aims to show the number, variety, and complexity of forest communities on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The exhibition displays 39 large photographs that depict 30 forest communities with their respective floristic composition (the structure of the plant community). Every plant species is represented by a herbarium specimen, and many are depicted in numerous illustrations showing specific details (sprout, twigs in bud, leaf, bloom, fruit, and seed). Also on display are photographs showing the habit (outward appearance) of tree species, with bark, branches with fruit, and other features.

The exhibited plant communities encompass the phytocoenoses from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the very edge of the sea to the mountain peaks. Of special significance are relict and endemic forest communities such as the forests of Serbian spruce (Piceetum omorikae) and relict species of Bosnian pine (Pinetum heldreichii hercegovinicum).

  • Odjeljenje za prirodne nauke, botanika, šume

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