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Zoology Section

Entomology comprises two collections: Insects of the Balkan Peninsula, started by Viktor Apfelbeck, containing approximately 500,000 specimens, and the general collection, which includes the donation of Boro Mihljević (donor) collection, containingwith around 30,000 specimens of (Lepidoptera and Coleoptera). 

Ornithology comprises four collections: Birds of the Balkan Peninsula is a collection started  by Othmar Reiser, an early curator of the museum. This collection has grown to contain (approximately. 10,000 specimens). The other three collections are Birds of the World (around 700 specimens), Nests (around 50 pieces), and Eggs (around 500 pieces).

Herpetology and ichthyology consist of two collections: Amphibians and Reptiles has ians (approximately 4,000 specimens), and Fish contains about(around 7,000 specimens).

Mammalogy comprises the single collection Mammals, with (around 950 specimens).

Adnan Zimić MA
Vertebrate biologist - herpetologist curator
Head of department
Dražen Kotrošan, DSc
Vertebrate biologist – ornithologist
Museum advisor
Dejan Kulijer
Vertebrate biologist – entomologist

Mediterranean monk seal – Monachus monachus Hermann

True seals (Phocidae) are one of the three families of seals, or pinnipeds. Most members of this family live in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans, and are among the most endangered species on the planet.

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Bearded vulture – Gypaetus barbatus Linnaeus

Vultures are a distinct group of birds of prey which feed on carcasses.

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Olm – Proteus anguinus Laurenti

The olm (Proteus anguinus) is an endemic amphibian (Amphibia) inhabiting groundwaters and caves of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. It has recently been recorded in caves in Germany and France, where it was artificially introduced.

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Balkan goldenring — Cordulegaster heros Theischinger

Dragonflies are among the oldest known insects. Their ancestors lived on the Earth more than 300 million years ago. Some of these insects had incredible proportions; with a wing span of 70 cm, they were the largest insects that ever existed.

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Rosalia longicorn — Rosalia alpina (Linnaeus)

Beetles (Coleoptera) are the most numerous insect group and the largest group of living beings on the planet, with about 400,000 described species to date. Of that number, around 29,000 are distributed in Europe, but there are no reliable data on the number of species in Bosnia and Herzegovina.