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When the National Museum Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded back in 1888, Dr. Ćiro Truhelka became the first curator for the archaeological, ethnographic and numismatic collection of the Museum. The twenty-one year old protagonist, the highly educated polygon and the passionate painter spent most his life from 1886 to 1922 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when he retired.

Through his continuous work on field research and collecting materials for the Museum, and also by publishing numerous scientific and literary works, Dr. Truhelka has left a deep and indelible mark in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The subject of his interest was reflected in the field of research of the monuments from prehistoric, antique and medieval period. The most significant archaeological sites Dr. Truhelka researched were: Glasinac, Donja Dolina, Veliki Mošunj, Klakar and others. It is important to emphasize his major contribution to researching medieval tombstones and interpretation of the inscriptions on them. In the period between 1906 and 1921, he worked as the director of the Museum and main editor of the publication Glasnik Zemaljskog Muzeja Bosne i Hercegovine.

Today, 76 years since the death of the first curator of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina let us remember Dr. Ćiro Truhelke.