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arheologija prahistorija mač

Bronze short-sword

The Late Bronze Age cache from Veliki Mošunj near Vitez, discovered in 1913, contains exclusive and diverse artefacts, decorative in purpose.

arheologija prahistorija kaciga

Ilyrian bronze helmet

Bronze helmets, as high-value prestige items, belonged to individuals whose social standing was reflected in their weapons and gear as symbols of their status and power as warriors.

arheologija antika skulptura

Bronze hand of Sabazios

In the classical period, what is now Srebrenica was a mining and administrative centre from which mines in two large provinces, Dalmatia and Pannonia, were administered.

arheologija antika svjetiljka

Bronze lamp

To date, around 400 lamps from classical antiquity have been found or procured, or are kept in the country. The largest collection is housed in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

arheologija antika skulptura

Sculpture of the goddess Diana

Historiographic and archaeological research on the territory of today's Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms that ancient Romans spread their civilisation as they spread their territory. Their influence is also reflected in the spreading of their religious cults. 

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Temple pendants of the Sanski Most type

Temple pendants of the Sanski Most type are worn on the temples, hanging from a hair band worn on the forehead.

Odjeljenje za arheologiju, prethistorija, prahistorija, kopča, fibula, željezno doba

Fibula with a figure-of-eight decoration

A fibula or brooch was used for fastening garments as well as for decoration.

Odjeljenje za arheologiju, prethistorija, prahistorija, etrušćansko-italska kaciga

Etruscan-Italic helmet

This helmet was found at Vrankamen near Bosanska Krupa, in the vicinity of the site of discovery of the famous cache of African money and ingots (semi-manufactured products).

arheologija prahistorija narukvica

Bracelet of the Donja Dolina type

This bronze bracelet of the Donja Dolina type is open-ended, with two types of transverse ribs: one type is adorned with three buttons each, the other type is plain.

arheologija prahistorija kutija za nakit

Larnax – Jewellery box

A rectangular bronze jewellery box with an iron lid-hinge and a small lock.