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Goddess of Lug

  • arheologija prahistorija figurina


In the 1950s, during construction work near Goražde, two significant archaeological sites were destroyed. At the time, archaeologists were able to record the presence of Neolithic dwellings and gather artefacts, most notably a flat anthropomorphic figurine.

It shows a woman standing, arms akimbo, with fingers indicated by thin grooves. The legs are very short, the rump overemphasised, breasts underemphasised. The head features a prominent nose, made by squeezing the material, and two eyelets on each side for suspending. The figurine is made out of dark grey, almost black, highly polished ceramic.

Materials and technique:

Object type:

The artefact is kept in storage in the Archaeology Department, where it may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • arheologija prahistorija figurina