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Human head figurine from Butmir

  • arheologija prahistorija figura glave


Figural sculpture is an especially notable characteristic of the Butmir culture. Most of these finds of human – or rarely, animal – figurines are from the Butmir findspot.

Especially remarkable are a number of preserved heads of human figurines, markedly realistic in execution. These heads are an isolated, original phenomenon in Neolithic art as a whole. The different manner of sculpting the face, nose, forehead, hair, and shape of the head suggests that the artists were able to distinguish between certain racial features. Although it cannot be claimed with certainty that these figurines represent different racial types, they can be seen as an expression of the understanding of art among members of the Butmir culture.

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The artefacts are kept in storage in the Archaeology Department, where they may be accessed by prior arrangement with department staff.
  • arheologija prahistorija figura glave