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Butmir near Sarajevo

arheologija prahistorija lonac

Butmir culture pot

The most significant Late Neolithic cultural phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina was named after its type-site (the site considered representative of a particular culture), Butmir near Sarajevo.

arheologija prahistorija figura glave

Human head figurine from Butmir

Figural sculpture is an especially notable characteristic of the Butmir culture. Most of these finds of human – or rarely, animal – figurines are from the Butmir findspot.

arheologija prahistorija figurina

Figurine of a woman

Most human figurines from Butmir are female and have prominent sexual characteristics. Some items feature carved lines and punctures highlighting clothing details – dress, shoulder straps, necklaces, etc.

arheologija prahistorija posuda

Butmir culture bowl

The use of ceramic is the most pronounced characteristic of the Butmir culture.