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Bike Expo 2017 in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with  partners in the project - Ciklo centar, Giro di Sarajevo, M-Bike Shop and Trek Team Sarajevo – announces first Sarajevo Bike Expo // Re:cycle Bicycle 2017.

Bike Expo 2017 will take place on 22nd April in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the entrance is free during the whole day event.

Among the different activities, the new exhibition marking the 130th anniversary of founding the first Sarajevo cycling club- Sarajevo Radfahrerclub -  will be opened. The exhibition shows photographs of Sarajevo Butmir velodrome cycling competition, taken in 1898 by the then Museum’s photographer Franjo Topič.  

There will also be organized a cycling market where specialized stores will present contemporary bicycles, gear and accessories, and Ciklo centar will provide bicycle servicing free of charge.

Competition Retro Bike Expo is your opportunity to present old retro bicycle, and first three places will win prizes.

During the whole day event lectures and presentations will be held by cycling professional and enthusiasts, and you will have the opportunity to donate kid’s bike that you don’t need any more to those who need it.

Bicycle Fair in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, symbolically planned for 22nd April 2017, the International Earth Day, has a goal to promote green initiative and offer preservation of tradition through diverse activities centred around the bicycle as a ecological means of transport, or means of recreation.